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In Why Did He Cheat on Me?: The Truth Behind Why Men Stray you will discover:

  • The Reasons men cheat
  • Which men will not cheat again
  • Which men will continue cheating
  • How normal life transitions can prompt an affair
  • How to help understand and recover from the affair

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In Surviving Infidelity you will discover:

  • Types of traditional affairs
  • That not all affairs are the same
  • That understanding the differences is crucial
  • Significance of "non-touching" affairs-emotional and Internet
  • Reasons for the affair
  • How to cope with your strong emotions
  • Ways to rebuild your marriage
  • What it takes to be a survivor

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In Infidelity on the Internet, you will understand:

  • The wonders and dangers of the Internet
  • Cybersex, cyber-infidelity, and sexual addiction online
  • Marriage and how to make it as affair-proof as possible
  • The seriousness of the impact on your marriage of an affair with a stranger

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In Will He Really Leave Her For Me? you will learn;

  • Why women have affairs with married men
  • The view of all three individuals in the marital triangle
  • The stages of an affair
  • The effects on the life of the woman having the affair
  • Exploring the choices and understanding what they mean
  • Continuing the affair
  • Marrying the lover
  • Ending the affair

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