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Telephone Interview

How it Works

  1. The Telephone Interview Form (right) needs to be filled out, signed, dated and returned to me.
  2. Return the form by regular mail. Payment is to be made in advance by Pay Pal or by check.
    • Check Payment:
      Include a check for $100 when you send your form.
    • Pay Pal Payment ($100):
  3. I will email or mail you a selection of dates and times for your telephone interview with me.
  4. On receipt of your reply, I will confirm the date and time.
  5. I will call you at the agreed-upon time.


  • This service is limited to people residing in the United States. Our interview will be fifty minutes. The fee will be $100.
  • I will answer any question that comes up in the two- week period following our conversation if asked by email as long as the question is a brief one that can be appropriately answered by this means of communication.
  • I will do one more interview for fifty minutes in the six months from the original date at the rate of $75.
  • The telephone appointment time can be changed within 24 hours by email.


This will be a telephone interview to review your concerns on any topic related to infidelity. Because of the limitations of the technology, it is not therapy. However, it may be therapeutic in that you may gain insight, perspective on your concerns, and more information.

This service is not an emergency service. If you are experiencing an emergency or feeling suicidal, or if you are planning to physically hurt someone, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Limitations of Telephone Interview

  1. This is a one-time discussion. It cannot be continuous and ongoing, as therapy is.
  2. It cannot deal adequately with emergency situations, as can be done with therapy.
  3. There is no "between session" contact as in therapy.
  4. There is no observation of body language as an indication of emotions.

Benefits of telephone interview

  1. You will be speaking with a therapist experienced in this field.
  2. You may gain new insights into your situation.
  3. You will receive support and suggestions appropriate to your situation.
  4. You may be made aware of potentially harmful situations.
  5. You will receive feedback about decision- making.


The information you share with me generally is confidential, but there are mandated and permitted exceptions by law to confidentiality. For instance, I may break confidentiality if I suspect there is a threat to harm yourself or another person, or if I suspect there is a situation of child or elder abuse.

Click on the following link if you have been instructed by me to pay something other than $100.

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